Xpanded Therapies By Alex Waites
Expanding your Holistic Health



It takes courage to ask for help—especially when you’re feeling vulnerable, helpless, or mentally and emotionally drained.  Or when you begin to believe that nothing will help you get out of pain, that you’ll never be able to hike or do exercise again, or laugh without hurting.


Maybe treatments so far have not helped that much. Now you’re hesitant to reach out to someone new—yet again.


The truth is, you are unique. Your healing journey is profound and different from everyone else’s.


At Xpanded Therapies, Alex Waites understands that no two issues are alike, so no two treatments are alike. Instead he listens attentively to you. Then he creates a custom plan for acute and preventative care to help you heal in a way that best supports your body and mind.


Alex combines multiple modern therapeutic modalities with tried-and-tested classic methods. He encourages and assists you to


Find new ways to deal with trauma and chronic pain, so that you approach everyday life more positively and with hope for a better future

Explore the deep level of interplay between mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being

Pinpoint where aches, pains and emotional upset comes from, and what bridges them together


Because your treatments take place in Alex’ private practice, you have access to modern equipment that helps restore balance and well-being in your body, mind, and spirit.

And … you can detach yourself from the energy of your own surroundings, so it’s easier to be open to new approaches to your health and get the greatest benefit from your healing process.


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